Embrace the Chaos via Kristina Kuzmic

Kristina Kuzmic is my type of momma friend I would like. She speaks the truth about what WE ALL think. Even if we don’t say it out loud.
After posting my rant the other day. A friend of mine (Michelle) shared this lovely video with me and I couldn’t agree more! 

If we are not enjoying life or keep ourselves sane … well WE will be miserable, who likes that?! NOT ME and I bet your shaking your head as you are reading this because YOU don’t want to be miserable either.

 So let’s live life fully than perfectly because motherhood is not perfect. Please share this video with other mama’s because you don’t know what they are going through. And they may not know that it is OK not to be perfect.

Please share your story with me below. What did will you do differently? When I was pregnant with Arya, I went to a grocery store with Averie and danced in the middle of the aisle to our favorite Marc Anthony song. The sale associates cheered us on. It was so much fun! Today, I blasted “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga and we had a dance party in the car. I would LOVE to hear other ideas so we can try, share yours below.

– Video via www.kristinakuzmic.com


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