Be B.O.L.D to stand OUT.


Have you ever tried an outfit outside of your comfort zone? If your answer is “no”, you should try it out. Fashion comes in many styles.

I like to experiment with different patterns normally others wouldn’t dare to mix. This time, I used a high waisted leopard print pleated flare skirt. I LOVE flare skirts it’s makes me feel oh so elegant! It even has handy concealed pockets, making this mommy hands free. My pockets usually carry Mr.Piggy for Averie and a pacifier for Arya. Like @Rachelzoe would say, “This is MAHJOR”.


A taupe, gold-flakes polyester shirt is the perfect match. Pearls are already sewn in, making this mommy a fashion statement without worrying for extra accessories. Pairing it up with coach flats, makes it comfortable as I dash out the door.


Blouse: @rossdressforless Skirt: Thrift item Shoes: Coach

📍Styling tip: An a-line silhouette and a broad waistband makes makes the mommy pouch actually flattering.


October Recap: Office Decor & Party


I love to decorate and my job let me be the chosen one to do so.

20171009_104456.jpgI love seeing my coworkers in amazement when I finish.



The annual Halloween Office party was a hit!


Our department dressed up like the circus/ freak show. It was so much fun!


I was the demented fortune teller. Having the fortunes drawn across my chest. Can you believe this whole outfit was taken out of the closet?


The ringleader.


We got TWISTY!


Here we have the Siamese twins, Dee and Thot.


The Mime.


Our broken doll.


Take a look at the other groups that participated.


The Evil Torturers



Mr. Run DMC in the house!


Team Risky.


We had a totally BOO-dacious time at the party.


Stay tuned for more October recaps.

-The Mominista

5 Must Have’s During Pregnancy

Once you find out you are pregnant all excitement begins and you IMMEDIATELY want to start shopping for … the baby. But hold on baby girl; let’s get YOUR essential items first. You’ll thank me for this post later! You are welcome.

So for me, once I knew I was pregnant again, right away I told myself, “Oh shit I need….”

  1. Maternity bra that will eventually be a nursing bra. loving moments by leading lady maternityImage via I’m a mommy on a budget. So Walmart was the place I found my maternity/nursing bra. My tip is if you are a C cup know that during pregnancy you will go up a size. So choose a bigger cup, you’ll thank me later. For both of my pregnancy’s I have used, Loving Moments by Leading Lady Maternity Wirefree Sport Nursing Bra with Padded Comfort Straps and Full Sling. It is comfortable and adjustable.
  2. Maternity Underwear Great Expectations Maternity Over the Belly 2 Pack Seamless PantiesImage via Walmart.comOnce again, Walmart comes in handy. Just recently I used, Great Expectations Maternity Over the Belly 2 Pack Seamless Panties and they were life savers. They hugged my big ol’ belly just right and they were super comfortable, didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. And that’s an awesome feeling for a preggo! What I LOVED about it was the fact that it came in a 2 pack deal!
  3. Pregnancy pants Maternity Full-Panel Skinny JeansImage via  Old Navy saved me both times for my pregnancy. I love skinny jeans/pants and they cater to maternity women’s fashion. If you are not sure what pants you should buy give Old Navy’s Maternity Full-Panel Skinny Jeans a try. The waistband hugs the belly in all the right places and the jeans are fitted just like you were non pregnant.
  4. Maxi Dress onImage via oldnavy.comI am telling you now; it must have some type of opening in the front. Eventually, you will want to breastfeed. Easy access, duh! Plus, when you are SUPER pregnant, usually when you are around 35 weeks, you will end up blowing up big time (you will look like a turtle and feel like a whale I’m just being honest) and the last thing on your mind is trying to decide what fits you by figuring out what to wear. You will rather just throw something on and go on your way because walking takes a bit of time and you are already running late. Same thing happens after you give birth, you want to feel comfortable. What is fashionable and convenient? Take a look at this Old Navy Maternity Side-Slit Henley Maxi Dress. It has 3 buttons that you can open and breastfeed your child. You both win!
  5. Sandals adidasImage via Adidas.comnewbalanceImage via

    I swore that I will never get canckles during pregnancy because I would be an active mommy. HA! HA! HA! Yeah right! No matter if you are sitting, running behind a toddler, or exercising. Your feet will get swollen and that shit hurts! So I am telling you now, go buy sandals! Wide width will be your friend! Preferably like the one above, from Adidas, Women’s Training Adilette Ultra SlidesOh! and remember you will possibly need a bigger size. During both of my pregnancy, my foot got so swollen I was a size 10 – 10.5 and non-pregnant I am a 9 in shoes. You can also get sandals with adjustable strap,  New Balance PureAlign Slide. This helped me so much at the office when I couldn’t fit into the Adidas. Yes, they got real bad.

    So, that’s it. Those were my top 5 items needed during pregnancy. Happy shopping and enjoy your pregnancy.


    – The Mominista