25th Screen Actors Guild Awards

On Sunday, January 27, 2019 the SAG Awards were presented.

After, looking at some of my recent fashion posts, I wanted to take a moment and change the layout on the way I was posting it. In my opinion, I personally love to talk about how the outfit comes together. Imagine, Joan Rivers on Fashion Police. “Hi, I am Ady from The Mominista.” Except here, there is no criticizing, no bad vibes or worst dressed. I am all about who wore it best!

Here are my nominations for the Best Dressed of the night.

margot robbie


In Chanel

She is stunning from head to toe.  This semi-sheer gown made her naturally glow. Perfect match of natural makeup. With hair effortlessly done. I am LOVING it. The plunged neckline to the golden weaving was statuesque.

mandy moore


In Jason Wu

I am not a fan of an all black dress. I am a colored garment girl. BUT WOW. Oh wow, Mandy was bringing it! The encrusted jewel off the shoulder neckline was the pop for me. I also like the belt detail around the waist. I am loving the hair style parted and pulled back into a low pony tail. And the thigh high slit made the dress not so formal, but slightly sexy.

lady gaga


In Dior Haute Couture

Channeled old school glamour with a twist. The thigh high slit showed her bodysuit that was assembled to the train. I like the feather like detail on the top. The statement piece looks like a modern day choker by Tiffany & Co. Her dark burgundy lip made the dress look sexy and flattering. Her hair was styled in a low ballerina bun but giving a classic Hollywood wave glam in the front.

ryan michelle bathe


In Sebastian Gunawan

This mermaid dress was stunning. The embroidery work is beautifully done. The sheer over the shoulder into a collar is exquisite. The ombre feathers were a hit for me. I am loving that the dress hugged her curves in a flattering way. Hair up was the perfect style for this dress.

julia garner


In Zac Posen

Hello, Casablanca? Doesn’t she look marvelous? A young Ingrid Bergman mix with a bit of Marilyn Monroe. Yes, Darling! Her look was that of old Hollywood glam and I am loving all of it. The mermaid silhouette was covered in dotted degrade taffeta. The ombre teal effect was as lovely as the off the shoulder neckline with a gathered fold-over detail. The back not seen in this picture was cut in a V shape. The peplum waist accentuated her curves in the best way possible. The coral lip was the finishing touch to this amazing look.



In Zac Posen

My head turned when I saw this sheath satin silhouette hit the carpet.  The floor-sweeping hem was cut to the perfect length. What made the dress come life was the custom gemstone embellishment made by Marianna Harutunian on the draped open back. Originally, the dress does not come this way. I love how the dress gracefully falls from a quasi cape detail. This was divine at its finest, darling! Yas, Laverne, Yaaaaaas!


The trends of the night were the following:

silver garments




I hope you enjoyed, let me know if you would like me to give you other trends like beauty or hair. Any ideas that you may have submit on the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

-The Mominista





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10 Questions to Answer by the Age of 30

Hello, mommas, future mommas, soon to be mommas and if you are new to this page welcome.

Let me reintroduce myself, my name is Adysbel. How do you pronounce it? Ah-dis-bell. You can call me Ady for short. In this post, I thought it would be best to let you get to know me a little better.  I’ve done a lot of reflecting lately, and it may be due to all the constant feed on my Facebook of my former classmates turning 30 this year.

I think that by the age of 30, you should be able to answer some important life questions.

Here are my 10 questions

1- What is one advice I would’ve given myself at age 23?

Take your time. Invest. Don’t spend money, save instead. Move out to your own apartment. Travel the world.

2- In what ways can I be kinder to myself?

Stop trying to be the perfect cleaning mom. I have a problem, I always am cleaning. And I become overwhelmed with a dirty room. I need to relax about having an apartment with kids clean 100% of the time. I can improve by cleaning one room at a time and be satisfied. At least something was done, right?

3-  What is my definition of success?

Write down your goals. Don’t give up. Put in the work. Stay motivated. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, crossing one completed goal off at a time is success.

4-  What is one thing you are tired of hearing?

I irk, when someone says they are “tired” especially, if they don’t have kids. I used to say this all the time when I was young and until now I understand the TRUE meaning. Saying this to a mother is just plain WRONG. You do not know what tired is until you have kids. Most moms are already sleep deprived at 8  months pregnant. You may ask why, that is because you can barely breathe, let alone sleep in a comfortable position. You better ONLY be “tired” if you are in school, caring for someone or working on achieving your goals. Not just because you are “tired”.

5-  Where do I see myself in 5 years?

I see myself running my own business, working on what I love and having my own schedule to focus more on family.

6-  Do I care what other people think about me?

Let’s be honest, I may never stop caring but I think by my 30’s I will let it stop affecting me.

7-  Should I feel guilty about cutting someone off?

I have learned from my 20’s that not all friendships are worth my time and energy. And that’s OK. Family is what’s most important. They will always be there with open arms, to help and guide.

8- Who inspires me? 

After watching his Nextflix Documentary, I am Not Your Guru. I started listening to Tony Robbins. Whenever I am in doubt, feeling down, need motivation; I go for walks at the park with the girls and I put it him on, his words clear my mind.

9- What do I feel most proud of?

My girls. I think, they have taught me the meaning of life. I view what they learn through a new perspective.

10- What is my current song anthem?

High Hopes by Panic at the Disco. The lyrics speak volumes to me.

24th Annual Critics Choice Awards


Fellow Moministas, future Mominitas and Fashion Lovers.

On January 13, 2019 the 24th annual Critics Choice Awards were shown on The CW. The show was hosted by Taye Diggs. Let’s be real. Until now, I watched it on DVR as I was able to get an hour to myself as the girls took their nap. Can I get a #momlife? You know what I am saying. *Insert high five*

The highlights of the night were a tie. Wait no there were TWO!

Best Actress went to BOTH:

  • Glen Close for The Wife


  • Lady Gaga for A Star is Born

And for television, for Best Actress in a Movie/Limited Series went to BOTH:

  • Amy Adams for Sharp Objects


  • Patricia Arquette for Escape at Dannemora

I thought that was very nice to present TWO awards for a category.

But let’s take a moment and let’s talk and by talk, I mean FASHION. Let’s begin my nominations for Best Dressed for the 24th Annual Critics Choice Awards:

nicole kidman


In Armani Privé

kristen bell


In Cushnie

chrissy teigen


In Stuart Weitzman

constance wu


In Rodarte

regina king


In Michael Kors Collection

lady gaga


In Calvin Klein

emily blunt


In Prada



In Givenchy

poppy delevingne


In Oscar de la Renta



In Jason Wu



In Georges Chakra Couture

rhea seehorn


In  Rubin Singer

laura harrier


In Louis Vuitton


The trend of the night was:

Trend of the Night.png


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Don’t worry about what other kids say.

averie_inspirational note

Hey Mommas, future Mommas, and soon to be Mommas.

Last week, Rob was picking up Averie from daycare. While I was at work, he called me to let me know something happened. So I panicked a little but kept it cool and asked calmly, “What happened”? He begins to tell me that, when picking up Averie from school he noticed that she looked upset in the playground area. She walked across from him at the water fountain station and began to cry. He asked her what happened?


Early that day we got a notification on Class Dojo (If you don’t know, its an app where parents and teachers can communicate) that Averie was the only child to pass the state exam for VPK with a perfect score.

So Rob asked her one more time, “What is wrong Averie?” She now begins to cry and then ugly cry. (You know when the boogers just come out- that’s when you know whatever was bothering really affected her) She begins to tell him while taking deep breaths, “The twins… called me… a DUMB IDIOT!” Begins to cry softly.

As they get into the car, they called me. I could hear Averie weeping quietly and I asked her version of the story. It’s exactly the same. But I wanted to reassure her that I heard it from her mouth not Daddy’s. Deep down inside I was crushed while listening to her tell me the story. How did this just happened? She must’ve asked the twins how they did in their exam. Because that’s who Averie is, she likes to help and loves to learn from others and they crushed it for her. This idea was just running in my head. How do I explain to my child that what others say should not be taken to the heart.

So I calmly tell her, “Averie, sometimes kids will be mean because they do not know how to express themselves. They can be frustrated and the words they choose come out rude. They may not be thinking at that moment. And yes, words can hurt. But remember that in the end of the day, the only people that matter are…. FAMILY. We don’t see you as a dumb idiot. Your are wonderful, beautiful and smart. You are beyond your years. Don’t let her bring you down. Hold your head up! I will see you soon after I get out from work.”

As I told her those words, I tried to hold my own tears and be strong for her. Because this was my first time that I wasn’t there to help her.

When I got home, the first thing I did was to go lay in bed with her. I asked her how she was feeling and she told me better. But in the back of my mind, I knew I had to write her a little note for school as I do everyday. But this time I wanted to tell her how special she truly is to me.

At 6 AM I wrote: Don’t worry about what other kids say. You are smart, beautiful, nice and FABU-LOUS! (Inside joke: she likes to mimic Lamb Lamb from Doc Mcstuffins) Hold your head high. YOU ARE A QUEEN! And ONLY YOU wears the crown! – Love Mom *Excuse my butchering of words, 6 AM and still half asleep*

You are also wondering, does she even read this note? And the answer to that is YES. The teacher sees her reading each note everyday. She has mentioned that is the first time she sees a little girl at her age reading and hugging the note from us. I think it’s a great inspirational note half way through her day.

So with that said, nobody tells you that parenting is easy. It’s a hard job and I wish I could protect her always. But I know she will learn and grow from this experience. With tougher skin.

-The Mominista

Golden Globes 2019


Fellow moministas, future mominitas, and fashion lovers. Hope you are all doing well. So, a week a go was the Golden Globes.

Let me tell you a little funny story, my television reminds me when important events like this will air. That Sunday morning, I was in Averie and Arya’s room as usual putting TV on for them. The TV then reminded me about the Golden Globes for 8pm, I hit the DVR to record. At 12:05 am on Sunday going into Monday (details are so important, right) I decided to watch it. The girls are in their room, should be sleeping. But now that I think about it… maybe they weren’t.

Any who, I go to check the DVR. Nervous fear set in me. “Did I really record it? I had to. No worries, remain positive. It’s January. New year, new me.” This is what I said on my mind as I turned on the TV. Haha, jokes on me because guess what wasn’t on the list? THE GOLDEN GLOBES! I thought I hit record, I must’ve pressed, no, thanks. I go and check my backup, the guide. Playstation Vue, let’s me watch things from the beginning after a show has ended. “I should be fine”, I said to myself. That’s when I hit to start and it’s unavailable. Great.

So after a week of looking everywhere, asking friends if they had recorded the show to only come empty handed. I can say, I have finally watched it. And at this moment you may ask, “Ady, why didn’t you just watch the carpet, or highlights from the night to find your fashion?” Well, my fashion enthusiasts, I like to watch it all. I was rooting for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for, A Star is Born not to mention the entire cast that was nominated for Gianni Versace, American Crime Story and let’s not forget, Queen! I live for the fashion and awards.

Here are my picks for Best Dressed at the Golden Globes:

Sandra Oh.png


In Versace

Emmy Rossum.png


In Monique Lhuillier

Catherine Zeta-Jones.png


In Elie Saab

Lady Gaga.png


In Valentino

Emily Blunt.png


In Alexander McQueen

Gemma Chan.png


In Valentino Haute Couture

Molly Sims.png


In Marchesa

Regina King.png


In Alberta Ferretti

Taylor Swift.png


In Versace

Camilla Belle.png


In Jason Wu

Giuliana Rancic.png


In Gucci


The trend of the night was:

Trend of the night.png


Cutest Couple were:

Cutest Couple.png






The pictures above on this site are the property of their respective owners. I do not hold any copyright in regards to these pictures. These pictures have been collected from different public sources including various websites, considered to be in public domain. If anyone has any objection to display of any picture, image or news, it may be brought to my notice by sending an email (contact) & the disputed media will be removed immediately, after verification of the claim.

Taking it Back – Ballet, maybe later.

I always knew that if I had a little girl I would put her in ballet class at age 3. That day came with Averie and she was excited as much as I. Maybe I was WAY more excited. I went to Walmart one day I got her the entire outfit, even though the ladies at the ballet academy told me it was not required. I on the other hand wanted Averie to have the entire experience of a ballerina.

Here is Averie trying on the attire:


Now she is showing it to her sister, Arya:IMG_3168.JPG

The next day it was her great debut. I was nervous, anxious, and super excited for her.


I went to wake her up and tell her that it was “Ballet day.”


She was so excited and ready for it. Her grandmother and aunt also came along to root her on.

A little side note, at this age Averie hadn’t gone to daycare full time. She was only surround by family. So this experience being around other little girls is new.


She already left my hand and met a friend. You know how mommy felt, right? All in my feelings.


What I loved about this academy was that they had a television where parents would be able to watch the little ones in class.IMG_3241.JPG


Averie loved it but was not used to following directions at this age. She didn’t understand “taking turns” she did at one point negotiate with another little girl during the across the floors to let her go again. Which we all laughed about because why be so serious at this age right? It’s all in good fun.

The class ended an hour later, I thought it went great. I was ready to sign her up. Until Averie came out.IMG_3246.JPGIMG_3247.JPG

Averie cried so hard. Saying that it was over, that she didn’t do well and that she hated it. “Well… that’s that then.” I said to myself.

As we left, I reassured her that she did not do bad. That we were there to learn and to have fun. That this moment should not indicate that ballet is not for her. Averie then told me, “Ballet, maybe later” would be best for now.

You best believe we got her Just Dance the next day for her to dance with me at home. I was not going to let this moment discourage her from it.

Has your little one ever felt the way Averie has? Please share in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

-The Mominista

Taking it Back – The Girls

As a mother, have you ever just watched your kids and just studied their facial features? Yes, it may sound creepy. But I tend to look at how they have aged, in amazement. On this particular day it was just about that. I was in love watching the girls play with blocks. Then, I took the camera and took advantage in capturing their face expressions. They have plenty, just look for yourself.

-The Mominista



Taking it Back – NYE 2018

As my previous post mentioned, it is time to pause and reflect. I have been looking at my phone and have seen the number of pictures I hadn’t post. As a mom of 2, I am either helping my oldest in her homework, while running after a toddler in the other hand. In reality, social media tends to be left in the “To do list.” In the upcoming days I will have a series called, Taking it Back. Where I will revisit all the events that occurred in 2018.

This post is about New Year’s Eve 2018. On December, 30 of every year, it has become a tradition to go and buy fireworks. We usually go to the mecca store, TNT Fireworks in Daytona Beach. But this year, we decided to stay local. Averie picks her fireworks that she likes and we help guide her to the ones that is age appropriate for her to play with. Which is usually the pop-it’s, you know the ones that you throw on the floor and it pops. With our guidance, she plays with the sparklers that change colors.

x_photo_2018-11-26_10-31-59.jpgphoto_2018-11-26_10-32-00 (2).jpgphoto_2018-11-26_10-32-00.jpgphoto_2018-11-26_11-24-29.jpgphoto_2018-11-26_10-32-04.jpg


photo_2018-11-26_10-32-00 (3).jpgIMG_3089.JPGphoto_2018-11-26_10-32-01.jpg

IMG_3114.JPGIMG_3082.JPGphoto_2018-11-26_10-32-02 (3).jpgphoto_2018-11-26_10-32-01 (2).jpgphoto_2018-11-26_10-32-03.jpgIMG_3092.JPG


Both the girls were mesmerized by the fireworks. This year was Arya’s first time being close to the noise. I was a bit nervous but she wasn’t afraid.

After looking at these photographs I can see how in the matter of a year the girls have grown so much. It is truly remarkable. Like the old saying goes, “Time does fly.” because we are less than a month away to ring in the new year.

-The Mominista




We are almost to the end of 2018.

Doesn’t it feel like time has flown by?

In these upcoming days, I would like to share with you the most important events of this year:

Arya turned one. Averie attended her first concert, Taylor Swift. Averie tuned four and she also started VPK. I finally went to see the Queen B, Beyonce! And there is so much more content I would love to share that I think you shouldn’t miss.

It is that time of the year to pause and reflect on these moments.

Stay tuned…

How did I know I was ready for baby # 2?


I get this question asked a lot by friends. And the answer is, “I wasn’t ready.”

I was actually surprised. I always knew that I wanted 2 kids but it felt that it happen fast. Even though they are 3 years apart.

I believe that no one is really ready for baby number 2. Unless, you plan for it. I in the other hand, was a bit scared of us becoming a family of four but I believed that faith had blessed us with a wonderful miracle.

If you are a momma and your family is growing, its ok to be nervous or a bit scared. The fear of the unknown, is just temporary. It may be wonderful and sometimes chaotic but there’s always a better understanding at the end if the journey.

When we were a family of 3, our only attention was to Averie. As she began to socialize with other little girls her age, I became aware that she was lonely. She needed someone to have magic unicorn tea parties, extravagant dress up galas, and a friend to share all these wonderful memories with. Not only mamma, which I don’t mind at all. But seeing her one day play with a little girl in the middle of the mall changed our minds. They were playing hide and seek and singing “Let it Go”. When the little girl left, Averie became sad and so were we. We then knew right at that moment she was destined to have a sister.

Growing up for me I didn’t share those moments with a sibling. Even though I have two older sisters, our age gap is so wide that I felt like a only child growing up. My imagination did run freely but overall I know how lonely it can get. So when I became a mother, I knew I didn’t want that for my child.

Seeing my fiance’s relationship with his brother and sister made me realize what I wanted for Averie. The bond that they have is cherishable and embracing. They text and call each other everday. Sundays are meant to have dinner with the family. Where they all prepare a bbq and catch up about the week and reminisce of the old days when they were small.

Our wish for our girls is that they remain close and share a great bond. That they value the importance of having each other and that nothing can separate them because they are our ARC of this family.

If I could tell my scared pregnant self then that the journey is incredibly great, I would. Because now we all share wonderful memories and milestones. We are so blessed to have Averie and Arya in our lives. Party of 4 please.

– The Mominista