How did I know I was ready for baby # 2?


I get this question asked a lot by friends. And the answer is, “I wasn’t ready.”

I was actually surprised. I always knew that I wanted 2 kids but it felt that it happen fast. Even though they are 3 years apart.

I believe that no one is really ready for baby number 2. Unless, you plan for it. I in the other hand, was a bit scared of us becoming a family of four but I believed that faith had blessed us with a wonderful miracle.

If you are a momma and your family is growing, its ok to be nervous or a bit scared. The fear of the unknown, is just temporary. It may be wonderful and sometimes chaotic but there’s always a better understanding at the end if the journey.

When we were a family of 3, our only attention was to Averie. As she began to socialize with other little girls her age, I became aware that she was lonely. She needed someone to have magic unicorn tea parties, extravagant dress up galas, and a friend to share all these wonderful memories with. Not only mamma, which I don’t mind at all. But seeing her one day play with a little girl in the middle of the mall changed our minds. They were playing hide and seek and singing “Let it Go”. When the little girl left, Averie became sad and so were we. We then knew right at that moment she was destined to have a sister.

Growing up for me I didn’t share those moments with a sibling. Even though I have two older sisters, our age gap is so wide that I felt like a only child growing up. My imagination did run freely but overall I know how lonely it can get. So when I became a mother, I knew I didn’t want that for my child.

Seeing my fiance’s relationship with his brother and sister made me realize what I wanted for Averie. The bond that they have is cherishable and embracing. They text and call each other everday. Sundays are meant to have dinner with the family. Where they all prepare a bbq and catch up about the week and reminisce of the old days when they were small.

Our wish for our girls is that they remain close and share a great bond. That they value the importance of having each other and that nothing can separate them because they are our ARC of this family.

If I could tell my scared pregnant self then that the journey is incredibly great, I would. Because now we all share wonderful memories and milestones. We are so blessed to have Averie and Arya in our lives. Party of 4 please.

– The Mominista

Be B.O.L.D to stand OUT.


Have you ever tried an outfit outside of your comfort zone? If your answer is “no”, you should try it out. Fashion comes in many styles.

I like to experiment with different patterns normally others wouldn’t dare to mix. This time, I used a high waisted leopard print pleated flare skirt. I LOVE flare skirts it’s makes me feel oh so elegant! It even has handy concealed pockets, making this mommy hands free. My pockets usually carry Mr.Piggy for Averie and a pacifier for Arya. Like @Rachelzoe would say, “This is MAHJOR”.


A taupe, gold-flakes polyester shirt is the perfect match. Pearls are already sewn in, making this mommy a fashion statement without worrying for extra accessories. Pairing it up with coach flats, makes it comfortable as I dash out the door.


Blouse: @rossdressforless Skirt: Thrift item Shoes: Coach

📍Styling tip: An a-line silhouette and a broad waistband makes makes the mommy pouch actually flattering.

When we don’t succeed. We try again.


The Mominista launched July 2017. One month after I had given birth to Arya. I assumed I had time on my hands but boy was I wrong. Regardless of the support of my fiance, having a newborn, a toddler, a full time job and house chores. It took a toll on me. I wasn’t prepared and needless to say I did not have the time for blogging.

When I did decide to try again, time kept running away from me. I would start planning but my mind became consumed by looking at other moms on instagram and blogs for inspiration. The sudden fear and doubt came crushing down on me. “Was my pictures ok? Did my blog post make sense?” This was eating me alive and I didn’t know how to snap out of it.

I spoke to my family, and they didn’t understand why I was feeling this way. They made me realize that blogging motivates me. I am passionate in sharing my accomplishments, fashion tips and mommy struggles. They pushed me to continue to focus on my calling and The Mominista is it.

Time management has always been a struggle but I am determined to make this a challenge and a livelihood. New content will be added over the weeks to come. So, stay tuned.


October Recap: Halloween

This Halloween, Rob and I decided to dress up the girls as much as possible. After all, a little Hocus Pocus never hurt nobody.


The morning of Halloween, I asked Averie, “What would you like to dress up today?” and she replied, “A fairy, mommy.”


So I got some items from her closet and wa-la…. Fairy Averie.

photo_2017-11-26_19-05-15.jpgAnd for Arya, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, because that’s what I really wanted to go rather than going to work that day.

When I came back home, I wanted them to relax and unwind before trick o treating. Perfect moment for another chance to dress them up.

Averie was Princess Belle


and Arya was Tinkerbell



Did you see what I did there?  Belle & Tinker-bell. The bells. I just noticed that. lol

We had them dancing to Halloween songs, just to get them in the mood.


Let me tell you, to get them both ready within an hour is hard. Arya was fussy and Averie did not have a nap and was throwing tantrums.

After it felt like forever, we were ready. Introducing, The Peppas. Mommy pig, Daddy pig, Georg-ina, and Peppa.


Did you notice that this was a DIY costume.

Averie’s dress is an actual t-shirt from the boys section that I cut out. I bought her a long sleeve shirt and stockings. For Rob, I got him a Polo last minute in Walmart. And for me, I bought the dress on sale on Amazon and the long sleeve was bought in Walmart. For Arya, I had a teal long sleeve onsie but after seeing her in the tinkerbell costume I fell in love and left her in that costume instead.

photo_2017-11-01_08-23-59.jpgphoto_2017-11-01_08-23-57.jpgWe went around our block but we noticed not many kids were around and the couple of doors we knocked on no one answered. We didnt want Averie to get disappointed so, we ordered pizza to go and headed out to our old neighborhood to trick o treat.


This year was the best, Averie and I were singing along to, “This is Halloween, this is halloween, everyone SCREAM!” and we would scream and laugh.

photo_2017-11-01_08-23-14 (2).jpg

Best moment of my night, was when Averie and I got scared together. As we were going to a house it looked like a statue was holding candy with a bucket, and all of the sudden it moved! “AHHHHH” we got scared as it began to wave, to our surprise it was only a lady dressed up. She got us real good.

photo_2017-11-01_08-23-31 (2).jpg

This Halloween it was one to remember. Averie told us “Thank you Mommy & Daddy. Had so much fun!”


-The Mominista

October Recap: Pumpkin Patch


On October 29, 2017 we decided to go visit the pumpkin patch at Bedner’s Farm. It was an hour drive from where we live, as it is located in Boyton Beach. But we didn’t care about the ride, the pictures were worth the trip.

Pumpkin Patch 2014.jpgSince 2014, the Bedner’s pumpkin patch has become a tradition to us. When Averie was born (as seen above) it was the first pumpkin patch we went to and we decided to do the same with Arya for 2017.


IMG_1528.JPG(Daddy with Averie before entering the farm.)


We attended the farm on closing day. Just a heads up, try to go earlier in the month and early in the day to avoid long lines. The Fall festival was opened from September 30 till October 29 . The pumpkin patch was opened every day except on Tuesday’s. It had a corn maze, hay rides, petting zoo, and a bounce house with rides. It was packed with families and kids dressed in costumes, even dogs.



Averie decided to dress like a witch for the pumpkin patch. I let her choose her costume as she had 2 other options, which you will see later.

When we arrived, I could hear myself saying “Averie, over here. Arya, ahhh-goooo” non stop. When I zoned out of our world, I locked eyes with one middle aged mom saying, “Kevin … Kevin look at me. Over here son.” I finally realized I wasn’t alone. I turned back to the girls and continued on.



Averie was having a blast looking at all the different size of pumpkins in the patch.


But when she heard the music, she stopped and began to dance. In this particular picture she was dancing to Taylor Swift, “Shake It Off.”


Arya was having a blast too. She is such a happy baby.

The day was beautiful for us, the sun was finally out. The day before it had rain and we were worried that it would continue for us at the pumpkin patch. But luckily, not one dark cloud was around. It was breezy and perfect.


For the life of me, I could not capture one picture of Averie looking towards the camera. But you know what, I love that. She was in her moment at that time.


(Arya and Mommy)


One of my favorite pictures with both girls.


Daddy specifically wanted a picture like this with Arya. And boy, thank god he told me because it was a great shot.




On the last day of the Fall festival, Bedner’s holds a costume contest. They had a live DJ giving away free items. But in this picture Averie just wanted to dance.


World Famous food truck was there and their egg rolls were FIRE! Meaning, they were delicious. The line was pretty long but it moved fast. We shared BBQ pulled pork egg rolls. If you are ever around the area check them out, they are local in Boyton Beach.


We decided to take a break near the market area. We sat in an open field while children were playing cornhole,running, and trying to escape their parents…



Of course my daughter joined in the fun.


We viewed the corn maze from afar as the floor became to soggy to continue on.



This is us. This is our life captured in action. This will be our family picture. It captured us in the moment, the truth about this picture is so pure. Perfectly imperfect.

I’m not going to sugar coat our visit, we had taken so many pictures before. I want to share with you pretty pictures but I also want you to be aware that we have a normal life.

You see the picture above? Before taking it we had over 5 tantrums while we were there. It started to get hot, the floor was soggy and wet. Fire ants bit me before entering the farm. Everything you thought could go wrong did, but we made the best of it. That’s life, parenthood at it’s finest moment.



Arya loved to look around at people. She would look at every detail. She didn’t cry, which was one of my fears.


But look at this face, i’m so in love with her. She was so happy which made me melt.


Look at this picture and the one below it.


They are truly alike. Both picture show that they are in sync with each other. It amazes us sometimes.


This was a beautiful experience we shared as a family. Till next year, Bedner’s Farm.


Stay tuned for the last October Recap.

-The Mominista


October Recap: Office Decor & Party


I love to decorate and my job let me be the chosen one to do so.

20171009_104456.jpgI love seeing my coworkers in amazement when I finish.



The annual Halloween Office party was a hit!


Our department dressed up like the circus/ freak show. It was so much fun!


I was the demented fortune teller. Having the fortunes drawn across my chest. Can you believe this whole outfit was taken out of the closet?


The ringleader.


We got TWISTY!


Here we have the Siamese twins, Dee and Thot.


The Mime.


Our broken doll.


Take a look at the other groups that participated.


The Evil Torturers



Mr. Run DMC in the house!


Team Risky.


We had a totally BOO-dacious time at the party.


Stay tuned for more October recaps.

-The Mominista

October Recap: Home Decor

October is one of my favorite months. Because it’s HALLOWEEN, duh!

I have been a busy witch with my little monsters, check out what all the Hocus Pocus I’ve been up to below.


Bought our pumpkins for the girls. (Before)


Jack. Averie’s favorite


Mr.Funny/happy face as Averie’s calls it.


Time to start decorating. Here we have Averie, who just woke up to help Daddy put up a Halloween door decoration.


When it comes to holidays, yes I am one to consider Halloween a holiday. It’s a day you can dress as whoever you want to be, how cool is that? And it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can get away with it.


This year I wanted to go all out. I was noticing that Averie had been paying close attention to details with her surroundings. But I was bit worry that Averie wouldn’t like it.

20171001_163905.jpg I first started the tradition with watching, “A Nightmare Before Christmas.” SHE WAS HOOKED. All I kept hearing from her was “This is Halloween, This is Halloween.” So when that occurred, I knew I was in the clear to go all out with the decor.


After everything was in place, the best feeling was when the girls saw the finished production. Averie told me, “Oh wow mom, thank you. Thank you.” Arya would not stop laughing with Mr. Frankenstein that was by the door.


Stay tuned for more recaps of October.

-The Mominista

Embrace the Chaos via Kristina Kuzmic

Kristina Kuzmic is my type of momma friend I would like. She speaks the truth about what WE ALL think. Even if we don’t say it out loud.
After posting my rant the other day. A friend of mine (Michelle) shared this lovely video with me and I couldn’t agree more! 

If we are not enjoying life or keep ourselves sane … well WE will be miserable, who likes that?! NOT ME and I bet your shaking your head as you are reading this because YOU don’t want to be miserable either.

 So let’s live life fully than perfectly because motherhood is not perfect. Please share this video with other mama’s because you don’t know what they are going through. And they may not know that it is OK not to be perfect.

Please share your story with me below. What did will you do differently? When I was pregnant with Arya, I went to a grocery store with Averie and danced in the middle of the aisle to our favorite Marc Anthony song. The sale associates cheered us on. It was so much fun! Today, I blasted “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga and we had a dance party in the car. I would LOVE to hear other ideas so we can try, share yours below.

– Video via

Chasing After Perfection

I have always admired other mom’s on social media. You know the ones that have perfect pictures filtered correctly on Instagram. The ones that could record all their daily activities and post it on Youtube. Or the ones that seem to have their life together while you are just trying to catch up. I applaud you! 

I have come to understand THAT life, the ONE I so much admire is pure infatuation. A mirage. An illusion. I’m not fucking perfect. Momma, I tried being you and I don’t know how you do it?

Just last night, I looked at my phone and found all the pictures I have kept from posting because I thought “It wasn’t perfect enough.” Social media has let me to believe that “perfect pictures” must be edited one, you know the professional looking ones but that’s not the case… well, it shouldn’t be.

So this is my rant. 

I will post some unfiltered pictures, I will talk about my daily struggles.  I may not post every day because I wake up daily at 6am, get the girls ready, hope that there is no tantrums and out the door to sit in traffic for an hour. To turn back the opposite direction for work. Get back home after sundown and do it all over again the next day. That’s real. That’s life.

I commend you momma’s, the ones that have beautiful quality pictures, videos, diy and etc. BUT don’t take this as distateful, don’t get me wrong. I admire that of you and the time it must take to edit and upload. But I’m just sharing my opinion. I tried it, I surely did and I came to a conclusion, that I can’t keep chasing after perfection. It’s just not me. 

Simply I am just that… perfectly, imperfect.

Rant over.

Hurricane Irma

On September 3, Rob and I were sitting on the couch watching channel 7, WSVN. The weather forecast was showing that a hurricane was forming and it looked like it was coming for us.

Rob told me, “Watch it will miss us.”

I think he said that to calm my nerves. Because my mind was swirling through a million of thoughts at the same time. “Where would we go?” “I have a baby.” “She needs water and formula.” “I need toys and entertainment for Averie.” Then I snapped out of it when I remembered that I went this crazy for tropical storm Erika that was supposed to land and become a hurricane when it touched Florida. At that time, Averie was barely 2 months and I literally bought ALL the unnecessary items because it never came. So, can this happen again?

I then decided to go on Facebook.

This is something I do everyday just to check up on social media news. A friend of ours, Eric posted models showing different paths that the hurricane may take, the possibility of it being a category 4 or 5 and that made me interested yet worrisome. He stayed focus on models showing that it would come towards us. I messaged him and asked him for advice. All I got from that conversation was that we should pack before the media creates a chaos!

Great, just when we were going to start; the next day the media announced to start prepping. Chaos erupted. First thing I did was to put gas in my car, it was Monday and I was late for work and lines were already starting. I told myself, “I hope I don’t need to come back to the gas station.” I always have seen people on TV making lines and I had no patience for watching that or even want to be in it. To my luck, because of work, I had to get gas again before the Hurricane hit us. I woke up at 6am and waited 20 mins. Yup, tell me about.

Next thing I did was go to the grocery store. Have you ever seen World War Z , Contagion, or Zombieland (personal note, I got Twinkies in homage to Woody Harrelson. LOL) You know the part at the grocery store? People a bit chaotic, you looking for specific item. Yup, that scene was playing in real life. Except, no zombies or viruses. Only, empty shelves. No water. No batteries. No candles. Nothing left. 

At one point I did feel hopeless, finding water for Arya. Yes, I buy baby water. I know you can just boil water and it will be OK. But I normally just buy it. I went to Babies R Us twice and both times they had no water. When I asked if they were getting a shipment they said “The shipment has been stopped due to the Hurricane”. A piece of me cringed. I wondered if other mother’s were in the same need as me. I thankfully, got a full months worth of formula, just incase. Rob’s mother ended up finding us water.

We packed our bags (I over pack for all possibilities) and got things prepped and bordered at our home and left to ride the storm at Rob’s parents house.

When the storm was approaching we had light. We had prepared stations of first aid kit and a location for candles, batteries, and flashlights. Averie played as much on her tablet while we watched the news. 

Right after the girls finished taking a shower… LIGHTS OUT. And they remained off during the storm. All you can hear is the howling wind gust. In the back of the house was hurricane windows so those weren’t covered. There were times that when you looked outside it was pure white. It was breathtaking, the power of mothernature. What kicked in my anxiety was the constant emergency text blasting on all the cellphones of possible of tornados in the area. The heat was unbearable. The fact that I did pack one fan for Arya, wasn’t enough. Round the clock showers were constantly made for them so they wouldn’t get fussy. I know better now.

The girls weren’t aware how serious this was. I told Averie that there was a big storm coming with lots of rain and wind. And she was fine with it. I brought her toys and coloring books to keep her entertained. Arya is to little to know what’s going on but I made sure to let her know that mommy and daddy and Averie were with her.

This experience was truly an eye opener. I have experienced it as a child and didn’t think much of it. All I cared for when I was small was no school and I could sleep in. But now experiencing it as a mother, was an anxiety whirlwind. I believe seeing Hurricane Harvey hit Texas weeks before made us feel like we could be the ones in their shoes. That devastation could happen here and it made me prep a lot more. I even bought life vests just in case of flooding. Yes, extremely overboard but safety and peace of mind is at the top of my list when prepping.

It has taken a while for me to write, as I was getting our lives back to normal and back to a routine. I am grateful. Hurricane Irma’s aftermath only left us with broken down trees and power outages. This experience has taught me that it’s better to prepare on time and that family is most important.