How did I know I was ready for baby # 2?


I get this question asked a lot by friends. And the answer is, “I wasn’t ready.”

I was actually surprised. I always knew that I wanted 2 kids but it felt that it happen fast. Even though they are 3 years apart.

I believe that no one is really ready for baby number 2. Unless, you plan for it. I in the other hand, was a bit scared of us becoming a family of four but I believed that faith had blessed us with a wonderful miracle.

If you are a momma and your family is growing, its ok to be nervous or a bit scared. The fear of the unknown, is just temporary. It may be wonderful and sometimes chaotic but there’s always a better understanding at the end if the journey.

When we were a family of 3, our only attention was to Averie. As she began to socialize with other little girls her age, I became aware that she was lonely. She needed someone to have magic unicorn tea parties, extravagant dress up galas, and a friend to share all these wonderful memories with. Not only mamma, which I don’t mind at all. But seeing her one day play with a little girl in the middle of the mall changed our minds. They were playing hide and seek and singing “Let it Go”. When the little girl left, Averie became sad and so were we. We then knew right at that moment she was destined to have a sister.

Growing up for me I didn’t share those moments with a sibling. Even though I have two older sisters, our age gap is so wide that I felt like a only child growing up. My imagination did run freely but overall I know how lonely it can get. So when I became a mother, I knew I didn’t want that for my child.

Seeing my fiance’s relationship with his brother and sister made me realize what I wanted for Averie. The bond that they have is cherishable and embracing. They text and call each other everday. Sundays are meant to have dinner with the family. Where they all prepare a bbq and catch up about the week and reminisce of the old days when they were small.

Our wish for our girls is that they remain close and share a great bond. That they value the importance of having each other and that nothing can separate them because they are our ARC of this family.

If I could tell my scared pregnant self then that the journey is incredibly great, I would. Because now we all share wonderful memories and milestones. We are so blessed to have Averie and Arya in our lives. Party of 4 please.

– The Mominista


Be B.O.L.D to stand OUT.


Have you ever tried an outfit outside of your comfort zone? If your answer is “no”, you should try it out. Fashion comes in many styles.

I like to experiment with different patterns normally others wouldn’t dare to mix. This time, I used a high waisted leopard print pleated flare skirt. I LOVE flare skirts it’s makes me feel oh so elegant! It even has handy concealed pockets, making this mommy hands free. My pockets usually carry Mr.Piggy for Averie and a pacifier for Arya. Like @Rachelzoe would say, “This is MAHJOR”.


A taupe, gold-flakes polyester shirt is the perfect match. Pearls are already sewn in, making this mommy a fashion statement without worrying for extra accessories. Pairing it up with coach flats, makes it comfortable as I dash out the door.


Blouse: @rossdressforless Skirt: Thrift item Shoes: Coach

📍Styling tip: An a-line silhouette and a broad waistband makes makes the mommy pouch actually flattering.

When we don’t succeed. We try again.


The Mominista launched July 2017. One month after I had given birth to Arya. I assumed I had time on my hands but boy was I wrong. Regardless of the support of my fiance, having a newborn, a toddler, a full time job and house chores. It took a toll on me. I wasn’t prepared and needless to say I did not have the time for blogging.

When I did decide to try again, time kept running away from me. I would start planning but my mind became consumed by looking at other moms on instagram and blogs for inspiration. The sudden fear and doubt came crushing down on me. “Was my pictures ok? Did my blog post make sense?” This was eating me alive and I didn’t know how to snap out of it.

I spoke to my family, and they didn’t understand why I was feeling this way. They made me realize that blogging motivates me. I am passionate in sharing my accomplishments, fashion tips and mommy struggles. They pushed me to continue to focus on my calling and The Mominista is it.

Time management has always been a struggle but I am determined to make this a challenge and a livelihood. New content will be added over the weeks to come. So, stay tuned.