Recap- First Week Back to Work


A bittersweet feeling came over me last Sunday night. I was torn with the thought of going back to work and leaving my two daughters behind. I was already used to our routine, waking up and having breakfast, our daily reading and our dance parties. But I knew it would be for the best and that this feeling was only temporary. The first day back at work I felt uneased, I sat down waiting to hear Averie ask, “Mommy?” and cooing baby Arya in the background. But I came to work with talking adults. Ha-ha. The week was filled with amazing baby gifts and welcome back talks. I needed the break from the children but throughout the day I would wonder if they needed me. That feeling quickly left as I just counted the hours until I was back home. That is what I love the most of the days after work, when I will open the door and I hear Averie say, “MOMMY, YOU FOUND ME.” and baby Arya cooing “AHHH”. This feeling would melt me every time and just then I knew it was ok.