October Recap: Home Decor

October is one of my favorite months. Because it’s HALLOWEEN, duh!

I have been a busy witch with my little monsters, check out what all the Hocus Pocus I’ve been up to below.


Bought our pumpkins for the girls. (Before)


Jack. Averie’s favorite


Mr.Funny/happy face as Averie’s calls it.


Time to start decorating. Here we have Averie, who just woke up to help Daddy put up a Halloween door decoration.


When it comes to holidays, yes I am one to consider Halloween a holiday. It’s a day you can dress as whoever you want to be, how cool is that? And it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can get away with it.


This year I wanted to go all out. I was noticing that Averie had been paying close attention to details with her surroundings. But I was bit worry that Averie wouldn’t like it.

20171001_163905.jpg I first started the tradition with watching, “A Nightmare Before Christmas.” SHE WAS HOOKED. All I kept hearing from her was “This is Halloween, This is Halloween.” So when that occurred, I knew I was in the clear to go all out with the decor.


After everything was in place, the best feeling was when the girls saw the finished production. Averie told me, “Oh wow mom, thank you. Thank you.” Arya would not stop laughing with Mr. Frankenstein that was by the door.


Stay tuned for more recaps of October.

-The Mominista


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