Chasing After Perfection

I have always admired other mom’s on social media. You know the ones that have perfect pictures filtered correctly on Instagram. The ones that could record all their daily activities and post it on Youtube. Or the ones that seem to have their life together while you are just trying to catch up. I applaud you! 

I have come to understand THAT life, the ONE I so much admire is pure infatuation. A mirage. An illusion. I’m not fucking perfect. Momma, I tried being you and I don’t know how you do it?

Just last night, I looked at my phone and found all the pictures I have kept from posting because I thought “It wasn’t perfect enough.” Social media has let me to believe that “perfect pictures” must be edited one, you know the professional looking ones but that’s not the case… well, it shouldn’t be.

So this is my rant. 

I will post some unfiltered pictures, I will talk about my daily struggles.  I may not post every day because I wake up daily at 6am, get the girls ready, hope that there is no tantrums and out the door to sit in traffic for an hour. To turn back the opposite direction for work. Get back home after sundown and do it all over again the next day. That’s real. That’s life.

I commend you momma’s, the ones that have beautiful quality pictures, videos, diy and etc. BUT don’t take this as distateful, don’t get me wrong. I admire that of you and the time it must take to edit and upload. But I’m just sharing my opinion. I tried it, I surely did and I came to a conclusion, that I can’t keep chasing after perfection. It’s just not me. 

Simply I am just that… perfectly, imperfect.

Rant over.


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