October Recap: Halloween

This Halloween, Rob and I decided to dress up the girls as much as possible. After all, a little Hocus Pocus never hurt nobody.


The morning of Halloween, I asked Averie, “What would you like to dress up today?” and she replied, “A fairy, mommy.”


So I got some items from her closet and wa-la…. Fairy Averie.

photo_2017-11-26_19-05-15.jpgAnd for Arya, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, because that’s what I really wanted to go rather than going to work that day.

When I came back home, I wanted them to relax and unwind before trick o treating. Perfect moment for another chance to dress them up.

Averie was Princess Belle


and Arya was Tinkerbell



Did you see what I did there?Β  Belle & Tinker-bell. The bells. I just noticed that. lol

We had them dancing to Halloween songs, just to get them in the mood.


Let me tell you, to get them both ready within an hour is hard. Arya was fussy and Averie did not have a nap and was throwing tantrums.

After it felt like forever, we were ready. Introducing, The Peppas. Mommy pig, Daddy pig, Georg-ina, and Peppa.


Did you notice that this was a DIY costume.

Averie’s dress is an actual t-shirt from the boys section that I cut out. I bought her a long sleeve shirt and stockings. For Rob, I got him a Polo last minute in Walmart. And for me, I bought the dress on sale on Amazon and the long sleeve was bought in Walmart. For Arya, I had a teal long sleeve onsie but after seeing her in the tinkerbell costume I fell in love and left her in that costume instead.

photo_2017-11-01_08-23-59.jpgphoto_2017-11-01_08-23-57.jpgWe went around our block but we noticed not many kids were around and the couple of doors we knocked on no one answered. We didnt want Averie to get disappointed so, we ordered pizza to go and headed out to our old neighborhood to trick o treat.


This year was the best, Averie and I were singing along to, “This is Halloween, this is halloween, everyone SCREAM!” and we would scream and laugh.

photo_2017-11-01_08-23-14 (2).jpg

Best moment of my night, was when Averie and I got scared together. As we were going to a house it looked like a statue was holding candy with a bucket, and all of the sudden it moved! “AHHHHH” we got scared as it began to wave, to our surprise it was only a lady dressed up. She got us real good.

photo_2017-11-01_08-23-31 (2).jpg

This Halloween it was one to remember. Averie told us “Thank you Mommy & Daddy. Had so much fun!”


-The Mominista


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