October Recap: Pumpkin Patch


On October 29, 2017 we decided to go visit the pumpkin patch at Bedner’s Farm. It was an hour drive from where we live, as it is located in Boyton Beach. But we didn’t care about the ride, the pictures were worth the trip.

Pumpkin Patch 2014.jpgSince 2014, the Bedner’s pumpkin patch has become a tradition to us. When Averie was born (as seen above) it was the first pumpkin patch we went to and we decided to do the same with Arya for 2017.


IMG_1528.JPG(Daddy with Averie before entering the farm.)


We attended the farm on closing day. Just a heads up, try to go earlier in the month and early in the day to avoid long lines. The Fall festival was opened from September 30 till October 29 . The pumpkin patch was opened every day except on Tuesday’s. It had a corn maze, hay rides, petting zoo, and a bounce house with rides. It was packed with families and kids dressed in costumes, even dogs.



Averie decided to dress like a witch for the pumpkin patch. I let her choose her costume as she had 2 other options, which you will see later.

When we arrived, I could hear myself saying “Averie, over here. Arya, ahhh-goooo” non stop. When I zoned out of our world, I locked eyes with one middle aged mom saying, “Kevin … Kevin look at me. Over here son.”ย I finally realized I wasn’t alone. I turned back to the girls and continued on.



Averie was having a blast looking at all the different size of pumpkins in the patch.


But when she heard the music, she stopped and began to dance. In this particular picture she was dancing to Taylor Swift, “Shake It Off.”


Arya was having a blast too. She is such a happy baby.

The day was beautiful for us, the sun was finally out. The day before it had rain and we were worried that it would continue for us at the pumpkin patch. But luckily, not one dark cloud was around. It was breezy and perfect.


For the life of me, I could not capture one picture of Averie looking towards the camera. But you know what, I love that. She was in her moment at that time.


(Arya and Mommy)


One of my favorite pictures with both girls.


Daddy specifically wanted a picture like this with Arya. And boy, thank god he told me because it was a great shot.




On the last day of the Fall festival, Bedner’s holds a costume contest. They had a live DJ giving away free items. But in this picture Averie just wanted to dance.


World Famous food truck was there and their egg rolls were FIRE! Meaning, they were delicious. The line was pretty long but it moved fast. We shared BBQ pulled pork egg rolls. If you are ever around the area check them out, they are local in Boyton Beach.


We decided to take a break near the market area. We sat in an open field while children were playing cornhole,running, and trying to escape their parents…



Of course my daughter joined in the fun.


We viewed the corn maze from afar as the floor became to soggy to continue on.



This is us. This is our life captured in action. This will be our family picture. It captured us in the moment, the truth about this picture is so pure. Perfectly imperfect.

I’m not going to sugar coat our visit, we had taken so many pictures before. I want to share with you pretty pictures but I also want you to be aware that we have a normal life.

You see the picture above? Before taking it we had over 5 tantrums while we were there. It started to get hot, the floor was soggy and wet. Fire ants bit me before entering the farm. Everything you thought could go wrong did, but we made the best of it. That’s life, parenthood at it’s finest moment.



Arya loved to look around at people. She would look at every detail. She didn’t cry, which was one of my fears.


But look at this face, i’m so in love with her. She was so happy which made me melt.


Look at this picture and the one below it.


They are truly alike. Both picture show that they are in sync with each other. It amazes us sometimes.


This was a beautiful experience we shared as a family. Till next year, Bedner’s Farm.


Stay tuned for the last October Recap.

-The Mominista



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