My Maternity Shoot


Before I became a mother I always envisioned my maternity shoot. It would go something like this, a beautiful sunny day, a light breeze; with love ones surrounding me and the feeling of empowerment by what I was creating inside. On April 15, 2017 this was the day that I felt all of that.

I have the best mom friends, Michelle and Yesenia surprised me a week before this day and told me “SURPRISE, you have a photoshoot on this date, time and oh, we got you a dress. So don’t stress!” My eyes watered, my jaw fell to the floor, and I let out a scream of excitement! I literally, could not believe it.

I had never done a professional photoshoot before and Rosa, photographer of Perfect Love Photography is beyond amazing to work with. She clearly knows how to work with kids because she was able to capture my toddler smiling in pictures while she was running around. She had Averie entertained and laughing throughout the entire shoot. I appreciate that she had patience and played with her. She made me feel relaxed in all of our shots and made us laugh when I would make an awkward pose and we would adjust to it.

Our photos came out amazing filled with the most beautiful warm natural lighting, just like I envisioned. If it wasn’t for my mommy friends I literally wouldn’t have this magical moment captured. I am truly grateful for this gift given to my family.


–  The Mominista


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