Product Review: Amazon’s Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

So a while back we bought an Insignia tablet for Averie. Let me tell you it’s the best thing we had ever purchase. Especially, when we are at a restaurant Averie could get entertained for an entire meal. I sometimes wonder what my parents had, to entertain me while I was a child (possibly paper and colors). Currently, we ran into issues, apps wouldn’t upload and we were unable to do updates. And if you are a parent of a toddler this is critical, so it was time for a change.

Rob did his research on kid friendly tablets. He showed me Amazon’s Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. It is designed with kids in mind. SCORE!


And we love the fact that it lasts for a total of 12-hour because of their mixed-use battery life. It is more than enough for Averie and it came with a pink kid proof case with the purchase.


But what we love most of all is that this tablet is educational (something we both wanted) and Amazon gives you access to 15,000 popular apps for a year. YES, 15,000. Averie has been learning sentences. Just the other day she asked me, “Mom, what’s your favorite color?” I was shocked because she is only 2 1/2. How did she learn that? Or how about she asked, “Mom, why is the sky black?” I asked her “Why” and she told me, “Because it’s night time.” My heart melted with joy as she told me those words. She is reading, she is learning and I am proud.


One thing that sold me on this product was the 2 year worry-free guarantee. Amazon promises that if your child breaks it or you return it. They will replace it for F-R-E-E, no questions asked. How awesome is that? We all know by now that toddlers love to throw things, spill juice and the list goes on.

I recommend this product. I know we are in July, but if your child’s birthday is coming up or you are even thinking about Christmas in July (like I am) this would be a great gift for both you and a child. It’s a great investment for learning and overall fun!

– The Mominista


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