5 Minute Put Together Look

“Ok, you only got 5 minutes.” You say to yourself, before your toddler wakes up or before your baby starts crying for you for food. You look like you haven’t slept in a year and quite frankly you are starting to look like a ghost. Don’t just throw eyeliner on and say “W.e I don’t have time.” Give yourself some glamour into your life, you’ll feel better once you do. Come on girl, it’s time to put some makeup on and it’s all going to be under 5 minutes. I am going to show you how I get my face on and out the door. Are you ready?



Below are the products I used. I didn’t try to go full out because after all I only have 5 minutes, so I picked the most essential items to me.


Product Review: Just for Me! Hair Milk Smoothing Edges Creme by Soft & Beautiful

I started to notice that every time I went out with Averie, her hair was always on her face. I told myself, “What product can she use that can make her look put-together.?” I talked to my mommy friends and I asked them what type of products they use on their boys. They told me “Gel, preferably with no alcohol.” My eyes got huge, how did I not think of that?! “HELLO… alcohol can ruin your hair, duh! Thank god I did not put moose on my daughters hair”, I said to myself. So I am at Walmart (you know my favorite place now) looking at the aisle of hair products and not finding anything without alcohol or for kids. Until, I found Just for Me!

So I picked it up and it said, Hair milk with shea butter, soymilk & honey (well that’s good). It also said smoothing edges crème, tames edges & adds shine ALCOHOL-FREE (this is real good). So I turned the bottle around and the directions read, apply to hair when smoothing back for pony tail styles. Perfect for taming baby hairs and flyaways. (SOLD, TAKE MY MONEY). It smelled good so why not give it a try? I could use it too.

I tried it on Averie, she loved it especially the smell. I put her hair in a pony tail and it worked. It looked like she had gel on and she didn’t. It lasted the whole day and her hair at the end of the night was soft. Another thing that it is important to me is that it did not give her any flakiness or dandruff. I would definitely recommend this product to any mom. I also use it when I am in a rush and I just want to tame my baby hairs in the front and it works! Check out the pictures below.

**Mom’s if you have a product that you are currently using let me know on the comments below, I would love to check it out.**

– The Mominista